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Cool Gadgets

The Candy Wrap from Acme Made

iamaLey USB from Lacie


“Silent Labels” Project

_Silent Labels_ Photography ProjectI saw the CraigsList ad above and I thought it would be an interesting…

General Updates

Lately, I have been learning about some really kewl “Polaroid style” software and apps from Justin Timberlake’s website:


BCP-ShakeItPhoto-App(Yet another reasone to have an iPhone… Damn you Apple.)

We recently took a trip to Sarah’s family cabin, here are a few shots that turned out quite nice:

3705751968_8f7942e0e1_m 3704941055_6c1e29e557_m


Additionally, here is a link to an article about RITZ CAMERA, a camera store (INKLEY’S) that I worked at last year:
The Business Journal – 07/09/2009


Cool! …I hate being broke.


Obama College Photos

Obama The Early Years

LA Times
TIME Magazine

Business & Marketing Course Guest Speakers

pic_334_1One of my classes for Graphic Design at Eagle Gate College in Murray, Utah is a Business & Marketing class.
For tonight’s class, we had Chad & Shannon Miller of inFOCUS Photography.
The purpose of their visit was inform our class about freelancing and being in business for yourself.

Shutterbug Obama

I was browsing around flickr tonight and the flickr blog was about President Obamas first 100 days, and it featured this photo which is very kewl!!!